After the success of Vietnam IPv6 event held in 2012 and 2013, and in order to expand the promotion of IPv6 deployment, the Vietnam National IPv6 Task Force continues to host the IPv6 events of 2014, including a training course on IPv6 programming and the conference “Vietnam IPv6 Day 2014” in Hanoi from May 05rd to May 07th 2014.
Within the event program, the IPv6 programming course "NP6 Certified Network Programmer" will be organized from May 05rd to May 07th 2014, with the participation of programmers from content providers, software producers and ISPs, with the purpose of improve the professional knowledge about IPv6 programming among domestics IT producers and providers.
The conference "Vietnam IPv6 Day 2014" will be organized on May 06th 2014, focusing on the showcase of IPv6 products by Vietnam IT enterprises. The event should be an important opportunity for the leading IT enterprises in Vietnam to share the experience and achievements with the audiences, as well as promoting their services and product to the local community. In addition, this should be to improve the awareness of local community about the IPv6 deployment, especially IPv6 technology and application in the present and in the future.